Beijing’s 50,000 citizens win the lottery and receive a digital RMB red

Original title: 50,000 citizens of Beijing won the lottery and received the digital RMB red envelope

How to use digital renminbi has a “doorway”

The “Digital Wangfujing, Ice and Snow Shopping Festival” event announced the winning results on the evening of February 10. The 50,000 citizens who are lucky enough to receive a 200 yuan digital RMB red envelope, which can be used at designated merchants within the validity period. This digital renminbi pilot activity supports online and offline consumption around the whole scene of Winter Olympics food, housing, travel, shopping, shopping, entertainment, etc. It is an innovative practice to encourage citizens to “Chinese New Year in situ”, and also allows the general public to understand The RMB is more concerned. Yesterday, citizens used digital renminbi to pay in Wangfujing.


How to “cash out” the digital RMB

The digital RMB red envelopes issued at this event can only be received in the digital wallet in the mobile app. On February 10th, relevant persons in charge of ICBC, Bank of China and Postal Savings Bank of China demonstrated some innovative applications of digital renminbi that are still being tested and improved.

At the ICBC Beijing Xindongan Sub-branch, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw 4 cash dispensers with the “Welcome to Digital RMB e-CNY” logo. The staff demonstrated the whole process of deposit and withdrawal of digital renminbi on site.

When depositing cash, the staff selects “Other non-medium transactions” on the machine screen, selects “Digital RMB”, and then selects “Cash to exchange digital RMB”. A dialog box appears on the screen, and you need to fill in the “Digital RMB” App. The specified mobile phone number. After verifying the system information, click Confirm. The staff put a hundred yuan banknote into the cash inlet according to the system prompts. After confirming the relevant information, the 4 words “transaction successful” appeared on the screen. At this time, the balance of the digital wallet after refresh has increased by 100 yuan.

When performing digital renminbi cash withdrawal, you must choose “digital renminbi exchange cash”. Then a QR code will appear on the screen and prompt: “Please open the digital renminbi wallet and scan the QR code.” The staff opens ICBC mobile banking and finds the “Internal Experience Wallet” in the “Digital Wallet” module. Click “Scan” in the upper left corner to scan the code, then input the withdrawal amount of 100 and the payment password on the phone, and a hundred yuan bill was quickly spit out from the cash outlet.

According to the relevant person in charge of ICBC, ICBC has developed various types of hardware wallets such as video cards, watch bracelets, power banks, etc., to support the payment and payment parties in areas with no network or poor signal, through the “touch and touch” method Complete dual offline payment.


“Visual Card” and “Fingerprint Card” are convenient for the elderly to use

The digital wallet in the mobile phone is virtual and intangible and is called a “soft wallet”. It must be attached to the mobile phone and App. So, how can elderly people who don’t know how to use smartphones use digital renminbi? In response, the staff of Postal Savings Bank and Bank of China showed a “hard wallet” that does not need to be attached to a mobile phone-a visual card.

The appearance of the visual card is similar to that of a normal bank card, but there is an ink screen window in the upper right corner of the card, which clearly displays the consumption amount, card balance and a QR code.

Bai Disheng, deputy general manager of the Internet Finance Department of the Beijing Branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China, introduced that the digital renminbi “passive visual card hard wallet” of the Postal Savings Bank of China can make payments even without the Internet. The ink screen window on the card can also display the consumption amount, wallet balance and health treasure QR code in real time, which is especially suitable for the elderly.

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily saw at the test site of a century-old Wu Yutai that when paying, the video card was posted on the touch area of ​​the POS machine. The number on the ink screen of the card changed rapidly, and the POS machine immediately issued a small ticket.

In addition to credit card consumption, both Postal Savings and Bank of China have equipped their visual cards with identity authentication functions such as Beijing health codes. At the entrance of Wangfujing Gongmei Building, Li Dong, deputy director of the Personal Digital Finance Department of Bank of China Beijing Wangfujing Sub-branch, swiped his video card on the machine, and his health treasure certification information appeared on the screen.

In terms of security, the digital RMB “fingerprint card hard wallet” developed by Postal Savings Bank is more reassuring. There is a fingerprint identification area at the lower right corner of the front of the “fingerprint card hard wallet”, and the cardholder must press it to pass the verification and complete the payment. Therefore, even if it is stolen, the other party cannot use the “fingerprint card hard wallet”.This group of articles / our reporter Cheng Jie Coordinator / Yu Meiying