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[Epoch Times, August 30, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) The mainland performing arts circle has been turbulent recently. Many artists have been banned by the Chinese Communist Party. The first-line actress Zhao Wei disappeared overnight. Panic. The list of the “next” being purged has appeared on the Internet. Among them, the young director Zhou Guogang directly named “Jet Jet”, which caused heated discussion.

According to a report by Lu Media Netease, Zhou Guogang uploaded a Douyin video on the 28th. He ridiculed Zhao Wei’s friend at the beginning: “There is something wrong with Zhao Wei, why did Huang Xiaoming delete Weibo? Li Bingbing, why did you delete the photo? Jack Ma, why didn’t you come out to save your friend?” Finally, he suddenly asked Jet Li to “run now” and To put it bluntly: “It is very likely that you will collapse next month!”

Some netizens have now discovered that Huang Xiaoming did not delete Weibo, but set Weibo to “Visible for only half a year,” so that relevant posts cannot be searched. But netizens are curious as to what the disappearance of Zhao Wei has to do with Jet Li.

In this regard, some netizens speculated that Zhao Wei used to wear a Japanese military uniform and took Singaporean nationality, which touched the “little pink” and the sensitive nerves of the Chinese Communist Party. It happened that Jet Li was born in Beijing, first with American nationality, and then changed to Singapore citizen. The Chinese Communist Party restricts celebrity artists on the grounds of nationality. Jet Li may indeed be the next target to be purged, as Zhou Guogang said.

As for the reasons for Zhao Wei’s disappearance and being included in the list of “inferior artists”, some analysts pointed out that it is estimated to be related to Jack Ma of Alibaba Group. Even though Ma Yun has clarified that there are very few meetings with Zhao Wei, it is rumored that the two have been in contact with each other in investment for 6 years. As Zhou Jiangyong, secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee of Zhejiang Province, was near sunset, some insiders said that Zhao Wei’s accident should involve the distribution of interests in the officialdom of Zhejiang.

Recently, the CCP has launched a series of purge operations against various groups. Following the technology giants and the teaching auxiliary industry, the CCP’s targets suddenly turned to the entertainment industry. Within a few days, Wu Yifan was arrested, Zhang Zhehan was completely banned, and Huo Zun announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

From the evening of August 26th to the 27th, the news that celebrities were purged kept surging on the hot search list of mainland Weibo. Including the star Zheng Shuang who broke the scandals of surrogacy and abandonment earlier, he was notified by the authorities of tax evasion on August 27, recovered and fined 299 million yuan, many works were removed from the shelves, and Weibo was permanently banned.

Zhao Wei was suddenly blocked by the entire network on the evening of the 26th. Many of her film and television works such as “Returning the Pearl” and other films she participated in or directed were removed from the shelves. Her name was also deleted from the list of creators. Many video websites searched for “Zhao Wei”. To no avail, “Weibo Chaohua” was closed, no friends in the circle could be contacted, and the whole person disappeared overnight. So far, she has not seen any response.

The Chinese Communist Party media “People’s Daily” posted an article on Weibo on the 27th, warning at the beginning that “If you hit the moral and legal red line, the road to performing arts will reach the “finish line”.” Due to the sensitive timing of the article’s publication, many people speculate that the content alludes to the Zhao Wei incident.

In addition, a list of 7 artists with foreign nationality has been circulated recently on the mainland Internet. In addition to Jet Li, Liu Yifei, Nicholas Tse, Wilber Pan, Leehom Wang, Zhao Youting, and Zhang Tielin are all considered likely targets of the CCP’s purge.

Due to the constant news of the purge of celebrities, and the CCP media and even the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee are advocating purge of the entertainment industry, everyone in the mainland entertainment industry is in danger.

Editor in charge: Han Yu


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